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Photographer, videographer, prouducer and prominent local artist.  'Traveller' would be an understatement when describing Antoine Hunt. From his never-ending education which has taken him to the islands of Greece to India to San Miguel Mexico for bronze sculpture classes, he brings his camera bag of experience to every project he embarks upon.
Antoine's mild manner can quickly transform to committed inspiration whether it be the involvement of his photography in every magazine in Bermuda, or enhancing and often leading television and film projects. He was a deserving recipient of the "Best in Bermuda' award as "Photographer of the year" for two years in a row, amongst many other grants and scholarships. Furthermore, the respect for Antoine held in the community allows him to take the projects that he works on their own journeys, allowing a release any ideas or preconceptions that usually come with any project.
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Using the mediums of photography video and sculpture as the means to express my view of the world. I have started a project, a life long project that I have named “NATURE’S CHILDREN”. This project consists of three separate disciplines, photography, film and sculpture. The concept behind the photographic project is simply to photograph the world, not as separate places and territories but as one unified global ecosystem.  A system we do not “seem” to appreciate for what it is  - the life that gives us life! 
The photographic work consists of large format images taken all over the world. These images have evolved over the years from only images of nature and only nature to portraits of the many interesting people that surround me. This body of work effectively illustrates my observations.
My sculpture began with semi abstracted human figures in bronze and has evolved into the very euphoric process of carving stone. This has evolved even further with the forms that come to me taking on the wonderful abstract shape of the plant life around me. Mirroring the images I have etched in silver.
The film projects evolved from my photographic images. There was a natural progression into moving pictures in order to tell a more complex story. I am now working on a series of documentaries exploring the idea of Bermuda as microcosm of the world and expanding this idea of a microcosm to show how the society that is the world is linked.
As my views and understanding have changed so has this project, it is an extension of me and is developing and evolving as I do.
Antoine AR Hunt
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