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Photography Rates Each photographic session is estimated individually. It's best to contact us with your specific needs and we will customize a package for you. Residential Photography: We will shoot a minimum of four views including interior and exterior images, we will retain all rights to use the image's in our stock library. The delivery and creative fee will be a flat Fee. A signed property release is required to receive this rate. Not all properties will qualify for this. The home must be of extraordinary design, location, and quality.
Architectural Photography Basic Rates Our production and creative fees can be as economical as $1500 for Residential properties, the maximum on extreme interiors is between $2500 to $5000 per 10 hour day, It really depends, on the level of production.
We can work within your budget about 90% of the time, just tell us what you need and we will go from there.
There are exceptions to every production rule and some assignments may be very production heavy and the rate is adjusted accordingly. Not until we get a RFP from you will we be able to estimate your imaging project with any degree of certainty. We average 5 (five) views per day for interiors, exceeding that schedule will produce images that are not inline with our quality standards.
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